What message are you looking to get across through video? What’s out there already that you love? During the pre-production phase, we’ll talk with you about the best format for your project, so when we’re ready to film, we know exactly where to focus the lens.


With backgrounds in news and documentary production, we are not afraid to dig in. We tackle tough projects, because we think good stories are worth the effort. We film your project with sensitivity and an attention to detail. Our goal is to observe and capture the atmosphere of your business, so that it comes through to your audience.


As we turn to editing your video, we keep your initial discovery plan in mind. What images and sound best depict your story? What graphics will enhance your message? We want to involve you in the process, and will actively seek your input for revisions. After all, no one knows your business better than you.


You May Clap Productions is a small Colorado-based production company specializing in videos for nonprofits and local businesses as well as short film work.


Jamey is a video producer, director, cinematographer, and editor with 13 years of professional experience. She’s worked as a producer and director at Pikes Peak Library District, creating promotional, educational, and documentary films, as well as capturing live events.



Travis Duncan is a writer and musician with over 15 years of professional experience. Travis has worked as a journalist for the Colorado Springs Independent and Gazette.

Films & Projects

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region: Low Cost Vaccination Clinic

Hear from pet owners and organizers about this excellent opportunity to receive low-cost vaccinations for dogs and cats.

Design Rangers: Envida Testimonial

Hear from Gail Nehls, Executive Director of Envida, about what it's like to work with Design Rangers on a renaming, re-branding and website redesign project.

We Are Catamount Institute

A promotional video for Catamount Institute used in their 2018 giving campaign.

Landmark Community School: Spencer

Hear from Spencer about his experiences at Landmark Community School a high school for students whose education has been impacted by substance abuse.

"Burn at Both Ends" - Spur

Spur performs "Burn at Both Ends" live at the PikeRider Party at the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Velodrome on January 25, 2019.


Four individuals from various walks of life, desperate for cash, become entwined in the enigmatic plans of a cunning recluse.

Winner of a 2018 Pikes Peak Arts Council Award for Best Dramatic Short Film and winner of Best Cinematography at the 2018 Colorado Short Circuit Film Festival. Official Selection at River's Edge International Film Festival, EFPalooza, Colorado Independent Women of Film, and Colorado Short Circuit.

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