Dink is an average guy who discovers he has the mostly annoying, but somehow useful ability to see other people’s accidents before they happen. Swayed by his over-zealous best friend, Art, will he step into action? This comedic tale shows his struggle over whether to do something with this power, or ignore it.

Official selection at Boston Comic Con, Gen Con, Salt Lake Comic Con, Atlantic City Cinefest Downbeach Film Festival, and the Sirius Film Festival.

Starring: Mark Mitten, Cougar, Kendra Buck, John Showalter, Meghan Truckey, Jeremiah Walter, Shale LePage, Travis Duncan, Laura Stephens, and Sandy Hancock.

Director and Writer: Jamey Hastings
Producers: Jamey Hastings, Ralph Giordano.
Director of Photography: Lee Graham
B-camera footage: Cougar
Sound Recordist/ADR: Dan Siegrist
Production Design and Script Supervisor: Suzanne Lucas
Production Assistants: Adam Graham, Ryan Carroll, Cody Borst, Danny Walter
Graphic Design: Sandra Raigains
Music: Jeremiah Walter & Travis Duncan aka The Rogue SpiritsĀ facebook.com/RogueSpirits